Quiz: Have your loans disbursed yet?

New semester, new problems that are out of your control. It’s like a new flaw in UC Berkeley’s administrative duties is revealed each and every time you log back into CalCentral to see if those multiplying holds on your account have disappeared. And, on top of all that, you may
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Out-of-state, out of mind

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: The UC Regents’ decision to cut out-of-state financial aid to cover losses incurred by adding 10,000 in-state students hurts campus diversity levels.

In the calculations to balance the UC budget, cutting financial aid for out-of-state and international students does not add up. Slashing the support for a population that makes our campuses more diverse only heightens socioeconomic divisions between resident and nonresident students. After the deal reached last spring between UC President
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The history of UC tuition since 1868

The University of California, originally consisting solely of UC Berkeley’s campus, has the distinction of being California’s first public university. At the UC system’s inception, tuition was free for California residents. Over the years, student fees increased, and by the 1970s, the university moved away from free tuition for residents. Here is a look
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PSA: Amazon offers $5,000 student scholarships

The application period for the Amazon Student Scholarship began last week, and if you’re interested in earning some extra dough, it’s definitely worth checking out. This merit-based scholarship is open to all Amazon Student members who are full-time students. The scholarship is intended to be win-win: Students get more cash to use
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Middle class students left out

UNIVERSITY AFFAIRS: Although much has been done to improve financial aid for the middle class, students need to better know their options.

UC Berkeley students caught in the ambiguous middle ground created by stark income inequality face difficult decisions when paying their tuition. Yet, while UC Berkeley has improved aid options and the system that delivers them, there is more that could be done.
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Obama protects students

Chances are if you’re reading this, you have student loan debt. You may have a federal subsidized or unsubsidized loan, a loan through your school or your parents may have even taken out a plus loan to help cover the costs of your education. Between my younger brother and I,
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