The University of California and ‘The Reproduction of Privilege’

The Devil's Advocate

On Monday, The New York Times’ Thomas B. Edsall made a compelling argument that the role of American higher education has been inverted over the last few decades: During the post-World War II economic expansion, college education served “as a springboard to social mobility,” but today it largely reinforces class
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Chancellor Robert Birgeneau, along with other members of the UC Berkeley administration, held a press conference to announce a new financial aid plan targetted at middle class families.

UC Berkeley announces new financial aid plan for middle-income families

UC Berkeley officials announced a new financial aid plan Wednesday for middle-income families that caps parent contribution toward undergraduate student education at no more than 15 percent of family income. Starting next academic year, students whose families’ gross income ranges from $80,000 to $140,000 annually and have assets of less than $200,000 —
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UC Berkeley to unveil new financial aid program for middle class

Top UC Berkeley administrators will unveil a new financial aid program Wednesday aimed at making the campus more affordable for middle-class families. Campus officials say the program is the first of its kind in the nation at a public university, according to a statement released by the campus Tuesday. The
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Nina Brown

Overcoming a rocky year

Often, the word bureaucracy comes with strong negative connotations. This bad vibe is not entirely unwarranted — anyone who has battled a belligerent receptionist, gone hoarse leaving voice mails for unresponsive departments or grown exhausted shuffling paperwork across campus can attest to the sometimes wily ways of bureaucrats. That said,
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Our campus has a commitment to both access and excellence

I want to welcome everyone back to campus and share some reflections on what I think makes this campus so special. It is no secret that UC Berkeley is going through challenging times and that the state’s persistent disinvestment in higher education forces us to make unhappy choices, such as
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Debt-ceiling negotiations could impact Pell Grant aid

As a result of the ongoing debt-ceiling negotiations in Washington, D.C., federally funded Pell Grant aid packages — which many University of California students rely on — may undergo serious cuts or gain new avenues of funding in the latest proposals to reduce the federal deficit. Pell Grants — a
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Supporters of the DREAM Act, pictured here in a September 2010 protest promoting the act, are now beginning to see results with Gov. Jerry Brown signing part one of the act, AB 130, into law Monday.

Brown signs first part of state DREAM Act into law

Gov. Jerry Brown signed one part of the California DREAM Act — which will provide increased financial aid for undocumented students — into law Monday at a town hall hosted by the bill’s author. AB 130 — which was authored by state Assemblymember Gilbert Cedillo, D-Los Angeles — was passed
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