Exercise is for the weak

Don’t watch those new episodes that were just added to Netflix. Don’t sleep through lecture for the fourth time this week. Don’t exercise. You heard us, disregard the pleas of Michelle Obama and the American Heart Association and avoid physical activity at all costs. Contrary to popular belief, the risks and negative externalities
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Chicken wings: A love story


Some encounters in college stay with you forever. These first meetings become pivotal life moments, fixed centers of space and time that deeply change a part of you. Looking back at the freshman-year hallway hangouts that would eventually wander their way over to Crossroads for Late Night, I can pinpoint
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You can still be whom you want to be

It’s the start of November and we’re already halfway through the semester. But contrary to popular belief, it’s never too late to make a change. Yes, we’re tired, lazy and maybe our midterm scores were a bit underwhelming, but we’re UC Berkeley students. We didn’t get here without working hard.
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Tilden Park

Best running routes in, around Berkeley

If the boredom of running on a treadmill for any longer than 15 minutes has become torturous, but you’d like to run for longer than 15 minutes because it’s good for you, it’s time to leave the treadmills at the campus’s Recreational Sports Facility behind. Instead, try running some of the Clog’s favorite routes in and
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How to: Resume your life after school’s out

Following your departure from your last final exam this semester, three things should happen. First, you should recreate the “What Time Is It?” scene from High School Musical 2. Next, you should party and trash all of your notes. Finally and most importantly, you should resume the fun parts of your
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3 workouts to optimize your brain power

Feeling sluggish? Reached for yet another cup of coffee for a hopeful boost of energy? Finals are tiring, and we understand your pain. Fret no longer, though, because we at the Clog have three workouts to give you a boost of endorphins to continue your study streak (or lack thereof) and
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Guide to a healthy holiday season!

Tips for a healthy holiday season

The holidays are in full swing, so it is totally justified to serenade your roommate with carols and rock out to Pandora’s Michael Buble station while studying in a public place. We can already smell the turkey and sweet potatoes from Thanksgiving dinner. Once Thanksgiving passes, ABC Family’s “25 Days of Christmas” will start
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