A few honest moments

Now and Again

One of the most profoundly isolating human experiences is to finish a movie in the theater and, looking to your left and then to your right, discover that you are the only person not wiping their eyes and sniffling.
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Make time fly while you do

Traveling is undoubtedly fun, but sitting for 10+ hours in a cramped seat in a plane is probably the least fun of it all. When I flew from Los Angeles to Sydney at the beginning of my study abroad journey, I had to endure a 15-hour direct flight that really
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Emilia Malachowski/Staff

The 10 people you encounter on a plane

People do strange things when you place a large group of them together in tight spaces. The fact is, the probability that you will meet some interesting characters is extremely high. You will likely understand what we at the Clog mean if you hop on a plane this spring break,
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calbad team

Badminton birdies take flight at UC Berkeley

Shuttlecock, a middle schooler’s favorite word, tends to raise eyebrows and provoke giggles among those who are unfamiliar with badminton. The shuttlecock, also called a birdie, is the only nonspherical ball used in a racket sport — its feathers and weighted head cause the birdie to fly in an unusual trajectory that’s difficult to
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Top 10 films of the year

1. The Master Out of all the films to debut in 2012, none was quite as daring, ambitious or compelling as “There Will Be Blood” director Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest dissertation on the complexities of existence, “The Master.” Sweeping cinematography brings to life a poignant script set to a mesmerizing
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Director Zemeckis talks new film ‘Flight’

It’s just pure coincidence that Robert Zemeckis’s last two live-action films have a plane-crash at the core of their stories. In “Cast Away” (2000), FedEx employee Chuck Noland’s life takes a harrowing turn after a plane crash strands him on an unpopulated island. In “Flight” (2012), airline pilot Whip Whitaker
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