Kristine Wong:Staff

Sick pick up lines

The eternal struggle to eat a vegetable combined with this cold weather has us all on the brink of influenza. If you’re anything like the rest of the student body, you’re probably a week away from contracting scurvy and the common cold. And while being sick sucks, being alone sucks even more. Luckily, we
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Snapchat guide take two: the snappening

In our last Snapchat guide, we at the Clog provided some unbeatable tips on improving your Snapchat story. Now that summer has arrived and you’re separated from nearly everyone you know, social media will become an even more important part of communication in the coming months, especially with regards to any romantic
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The art of girl flirting

The Internet is a great resource full of dating tips and ways to improve your relationship with your significant other. But one thing we need more help with is the art of girl flirting. Ladies, we’ve all spotted a girl we immediately wanted to be friends with. You make eye contact with her during class
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A Guide to Modern Dating

I’m not saying I’m an expert on love, but I have had the sex at least once, give or take. So it’s not surprising that my friends are always pestering me, “How’d you even do that?” Until now, I’ve kept my techniques a secret. But because it can get awfully
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If the glove doesn’t fit…

Sex on Tuesday

Let me tell you something: There is such a thing as “too big.” Now, I’m sure some of you ladies are thinking that I’ve gone cray-cray and that there is nothing you would want more than a hunky dude with a giant friend down there. But be careful what you
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