What your flyer avoidance tactic says about you

If you’re a student at UC Berkeley, the chances that you have been flyered before on Sproul Plaza are about 99.99%. Even if you’ve had experience flyering, you can’t help but admit that you’re also guilty of resorting to different methods in order to save yourself from recycling unnecessary paper. Then
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Quiz: How to find your Sproul persona

Everybody has walked through the mess of people and tables that is Sproul Plaza. We’ve all had days when the stress and anxiety of sidestepping fliers and accidentally bumping into people campaigning prompts you to take a different route. But Sproul is our anxiety-inducing mess, and it represents all the
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Mary Zheng/File

The battle of walking down Sproul

The flyer promoters “Crap — it’s that time of year again,” you tell yourself. You’ve just been assigned to table for your club on campus. Standing on Sproul Plaza passing out flyers to the power-walking students during your break does not constitute a good time, but you have to, for
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