Michelle Zheng

FOMO 2.0

Off the Beat

It seems like an absolutely ridiculous perspective to have given up on my aspirations because I didn’t achieve my lofty expectations of true success. Yet, for the longest time, I completely forfeited any of my childhood’s ambitions, simply because they hadn’t followed my expected timeline.
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Just a few burning questions

Contrary to what it may seem, I am no relationship expert. If anything, I’m the exact opposite. I know that this is an earth-shattering revelation since all signs point to me being Cupid’s protégé … but alas, I wouldn’t know the first thing to do if one of those “relationship” things fell into my lap.
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Getting the last word

You’ve probably heard of “sonder.” It flooded our feeds as a cliche Instagram caption a few years back. It is, by definition, the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. And it’s also, according to its creator John Koeric, entirely made up.
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party fomo

How deadly is FOMO?

FOMO, formally known as “fear of missing out,” is an epidemic that has swept the youth of the United States and has had particularly devastating effects on college students. This fear frequently kicks in when an individual finally begins the process of acknowledging that they are, in fact, in college to
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Mind games to play at a party

We’ve all been there. Your friends finally convince you after a long day to go out, you get to the party and you’re overwhelmingly disappointed. You have to be in a very specific state to actually enjoy a party, and even when your enjoying it for some time, you hit a slump
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Cal Day: FOMO edition

For the 0.01 percent of the UC Berkeley population that didn’t attend Cal Day, we all felt the same pain. Having to scroll through the endless stream of Snapchat stories, Instagram pictures and Facebook videos of people dancing among the bubbles or on tables on Cal Day hurt almost as
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