Fight climate change on a local level

Global warming will negatively impact your food

Wouldn’t it be great if you could go to the beach in the winter? What if it meant you could never eat almonds again? Or potatoes? Or cherries? Sure, it’s nice that it’s sunny and warm in the winter now, but global climate change is negatively affecting agriculture around the
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Mary Roach’s new book whets the palate

Adventure through the digestive tract in ‘Gulp’ by Mary Roach

What would happen if you decided to eat a page of Mary Roach’s new book “Gulp”? First, you would garner the befuddled stares of your peers, an onlooker would definitely question whether he was in fact dreaming or not, but then the rudimentary biological processes would begin. A potent cocktail
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Gourmet graphic novel whets palates

Lucy Knisley’s “Relish” is, at first glance, simply a graphic novel about food. However, just as food is far more than merely sustenance, her book is not just a graphic novel or a book about food.
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We spied then tried: The Late Night Option

It was a busy and ever-so-draggy day when the above flyer caught our eye. It was unlike anything we’d ever seen around here. We’ve heard our fair share of this Late Night Option, but this advertisement was too enticing not to act on. Who could pass up on comfort food delivered
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Cheeseboard and Chez Panisse

Welcome to Eating Berkeley

This blog is for you, Berkeley. We’ll feature the very best food that this city and the Bay Area has to offer as well as help you eat just as well while at home. We’ll take you into the kitchens of some of your favorite restaurants and into our own modest apartments. We’ll tell you what makes us hungry, and we hope you’ll do the same.
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Michael Tao/Staff

Crash Course: Best and worst brain foods

More than anything else, the stress and pressure of finals prompt an overwhelming desire to constantly munch on snackable foods. While sugar and carbohydrates are good for actually getting your brain moving, they may not have the best effects on your health once the stress balloon has been deflated. Caramel apple pops might taste better, but real apples are much healthier.
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GMOs have long history at UC Berkeley

With national, state and local elections fast approaching, UC Berkeley faculty members and local activists gathered on campus Oct. 24 to discuss genetically modified foods in relation to Proposition 37, which would require foods containing genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, to be labeled. One topic of discussion was the campus’s
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Gill Tract occupation impedes agricultural research

Spring is a busy time for a maize geneticist. Experiments have to be planned, students have to be recruited and thousand of seeds have to be carefully organized and packaged for planting. It is important to get everything just right, because we only get one opportunity to do large-scale field
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