CAFOs and E. coli, carrots and beans

Okay, I admit it — I’m a liberal, vegetarian, California co-op-dwelling female with a hefty amount of tie-dyed clothing, a flock of chickens and those toe-shoes that are supposed to bring you “back to barefoot” — or something like that. I’m that girl who buys organic sometimes and at farmer’s
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Simone Lang

OFF THE BEAT: Eating your way sick

Especially now that school’s up and running, it’s easy to eat whatever you can get on the go. We stop for a burger and french fries at Smart Alec’s or find ourselves at Gordo’s day after day — the faster and cheaper it is, the better. It’s not that we
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Detour: Salting the Lily

To personify a nation’s cuisine, Danish food is incredibly humble. Criticized as the leftover scraps of a nation’s exports manufactured for the palette of a baby, the foundation of Danish cuisine rests on secondary meat products and pre-refrigeration preservation techniques, and has an extremely brief spice spectrum. The major flavors
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