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Norm of the storm

If you’re going to or are currently at tonight’s game, take a second and recognize where your seat is. How far is it away from the field? How close do you get when taking a short trek down the nearest aisle? Enjoy the beautiful Friday night atmosphere while you can
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Cal vs. Washington State football shootaround

What’s the path forward for the offense after having seemingly fallen apart? Austin Isaacsohn: The offense needs to protect Bowers, even if it takes seven guys hanging back to protect the quarterback. Sending out three routes, seeing no one and throwing it away is a hell of a lot better
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Football Q&A with Washington State reporter

Editor’s note: The following is a Q&A between Andrew Wild, sports editor of The Daily Californian, and Jacob Moore, sports editor at the the Daily Evergreen of Washington State. The interview has been edited for length and clarity. Andrew Wild: Luke Falk has exploded onto the national scene since Washington
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