The struggles of doing laundry on campus

If you’re living in the residence halls, one of the scariest things is the sight of a full laundry basket. You know, when your pile of clothes on your already filled hamper becomes so tall that you might as well have fun while you’re at it and sled down your
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How to deal with an annoying floormate

You know who we’re talking about. It’s that one person on your floor who can’t shut up when you’re trying to sleep, leaves their trash strewn across the lounge, blasts horrid music that’s loud enough for the next building over to hear and unnecessarily unloads their various problems onto you
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Chris Cox_online

Achievement unlocked: bottoming

Sex on Tuesday

Out of pure desperation, I bit his pillow, already littered with imprints of my despair, begging for some form of relief. I hoped that by inflicting any miniscule amount of pain on this inanimate object of comfort, I could somehow escape the penetrative force threatening to consume me from behind.
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Places to hide in case of a zombie attack

Zombies are one of our favorite monsters here at the Clog. They move slowly and awkwardly, only think about food and stand as a terrifying symbol for man’s capacity to bring about his own downfall (all of which are things we as college students can relate to). Despite this, if
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Berkeley Dorms

Guide to housing options in Berkeley

You’ve finally answered to the dreaded question of “what college are you going to?” and thought that the most difficult parts of your decision-making process were over, but you’ll soon learn that a few new questions will arise to haunt your days. You’ll have to start thinking about where to
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Daily Cal

When is it acceptable to take an Uber to class?

Disclaimer: This is not endorsed by Uber. The sun rages as an uncomfortable dampness spreads across your back. You’re patiently waiting for the 51B to take you to campus, but once again, you’re disappointed by the frequent delays of AC Transit. Do you risk being late to class yet again or
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Photo Essay: Animals of Foothill

Coming from Singapore, I’d never really seen wild deer before coming to Berkeley. Unlike a lot of people here, I find the squirrels of Berkeley absolutely adorable. Everywhere I look there is wildlife to be found. I love that I am able to walk out of my dorm and within
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