“I hate you too”

Daniel Kim/File

Homelessness is far from unfamiliar to a Londoner, but there was no denying that seeing the dominating presence of street people on Shattuck Avenue, in a town that is “on vacation,” is enough to make anyone susceptible to consciously recognizing its signs.
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Gena-mour Barrett

Spring break or spring broke?

Worlds Collide

Breaking the bank for a distorted idea of what “fun” should be or an unnecessary worry that I’m not enjoying my year abroad enough is something I now refuse to partake in.
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Confessions of an extrovert

Michelle's mish-mosh

Je ne comprends pas!” I say, begging for mercy. “I don’t understand!” My high school French education proved useless while I was surrounded by fast-talking, slang-slinging French teenagers, and shamefully I waved the white flag of total incomprehension.
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