Women of the woods: Inside Berkeley’s forestry program

Anya Schultz/Senior Staff
Madeline Green and Allison Erny practice "buck-sawing" with Cal Logging Sports at the Russell Research Station.

“Go bears! Get low! Quicker pulls! Almost there!” Wood chips fly and cheers fill the air as seniors Madeline Green and Allison Erny take turns pulling a long, jagged saw back and forth across a log. They are trying to cut a cookie (a round slice of wood) as fast
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Off the beat: Summer spent in the forest

Ten weeks ago, two strangers in a green Volvo picked me up from my house to begin to a life-changing adventure in the northern Sierra Nevada mountains. Our destination was nestled deep in the sleepy town of Meadow Valley: the University of California Forestry Camp, a 98-year-old university-owned camp dedicated
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