When every tune tastes like cherry

If someone told you they liked pop music with a casual, “I like a chipper synthesized baseline, a plucky electric guitar and lyrics about adolescent life that make my heart tingle, if you please,” you would probably tell them to simmer down.
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Franz Ferdinand returns without restrictions

You can’t create dance music without rhythm being the body and soul of your work. In an interview with The Daily Californian, Franz Ferdinand bassist Bob Hardy asserted that the heart of all Franz Ferdinand recordings was in the melody. This couldn’t be more true after the Scottish quartet blew
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Ellie Goulding

Concerts to Phase I for spring 2014

Tele-BEARS season is always a stressful period of chaos, confusion and compromise as students build their perfect schedules only to see each of their planned classes fill up day by day before their Tele-BEARS appointments. The struggle to choose the right classes, then somehow grab them for your schedule, is
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Franz Ferdinand album mirrors maturing love

When Scottish band Franz Ferdinand emerged in 2004 with their self-titled debut, post-punk dance rock became the name of the game. The Glasgow-based quartet played it expertly a year later with You Could Have It So Much Better, which was as moody and exciting as their first record and 2009’s
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