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Video: Blind Dates

For Valentine’s Day, The Weekender randomly set up couples on blind dates over drinks last week. After introductions were made, everything about the date ranging from how to long to what to talk about was left to them. We then interviewed the participants to see how things went. Allie Campbell is a contributor to
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Locations to drink while cramming for exams: part 2

Another week, another round of midterms … and that means another round of beers for everyone! If last week’s list wasn’t enough, we’ve created a new collection of hotspots around Berkeley where you can study and drink! 1. Espresso Roma Located at the corner of College and Ashby avenues, this quaint
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Coffee Buzz

A look at the coffee empires that rule Berkeley

We live in a world of underground coffee mafias and warring roasteries. That’s an exaggeration, but have you ever noticed the same cups, coffee or employees at multiple local coffee shops? Berkeley’s anti-chain mentality is part of what makes it so uniquely perfect for the independent bookstore and cafe culture.
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Free House restaurant opens on Bancroft

The space formerly occupied by Adagia is now home to a new restaurant — one with the same management but a different approach that its owner hopes will allow it to succeed when the fine-dining establishment did not. Free House opened its doors Feb. 2 near the intersection of Bancroft
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