Finding free speech in the wrong places

Our campus maintains no shortage of pride in the Free Speech Movement — that period of glorified resistance that paired disgust for the social and political conditions of the time with unbridled optimism that students could be agents of change. At its best, the Free Speech Movement united students who
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On graffiti and Mario Savio

Murmurs from the Bathroom Wall

I like to imagine that the graffiti I see around campus is the product of an underground, grassroots movement — one that is striving to accomplish a mysterious yet vital goal. Each time I see a piece of bathroom wall graffiti, it evokes this picture in my mind of how
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Cafes in Berkeley

Watch a video with reviews of coffee shops in Berkeley by Fiona Hannigan. The coffee shops featured are Peet’s, Philz Coffee, Milano, Strada, Free Speech Movement, and Espresso Roma.


Make student voices heard in the city this fall

Register to vote in Berkeley and have an active voice in local politics

This year, Cal students have an unprecedented opportunity to have a voice in local Berkeley politics. Currently, Cal students make up about a quarter of Berkeley’s population, but in the last half century, only one student has been elected to Berkeley City Council. The Free Speech Movement — the apex
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Don’t harbor hatred

CAMPUS AFFAIRS: While Louis Farrakhan has made hateful statements in the past, he should not be prevented from speaking on campus.

UC Berkeley’s place in the American story represents the best in scientific, social and cultural innovation. Its scholars have found treatments for heinous afflictions and advanced justice with their research and words. When we fight, we fight for freethinking justice, as exemplified by the Free Speech Movement of the 1960s.
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Freedom of speech?

Although we attend a campus that espouses the right to freedom of speech stemming from the Free Speech Movement in the 1960’s, it is sad to see that this freedom is offered to some and denied to others. Freedom of speech does not imply that anyone completely agrees with what
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Farrakhan and UC Berkeley’s free speech fallacy

The Devil's Advocate

It’s surprising that UC Berkeley, home of the Free Speech Movement, is unable to handle free speech. I’m referring to, most recently, the widespread hysteria over the Black Student Union’s decision to host the controversial Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan at UC Berkeley. Farrakhan, one of six speakers scheduled
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A legacy of political art on campus

A seed was planted in front of Sproul Hall on November 9 by a few students and their ill-placed tents.  That seed has sprouted.  Spring has come early.  The roots of the Occupy Cal movement grow in the ripples of the Internet, in the rhetoric of the classroom, in the hallowed
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