Getting the last word

You’ve probably heard of “sonder.” It flooded our feeds as a cliche Instagram caption a few years back. It is, by definition, the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. And it’s also, according to its creator John Koeric, entirely made up.
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Ryan Melvin/Staff

La Bateau Ivre: As gourmet as it gets

At first glance, with its red bricks and louvered shutters, Le Bateau Ivre appears to be a quaint residential building. But upon closer inspection, it’s actually a small French coffeehouse, bar and restaurant. Those who are cultured in cuisine will find delicious pairings in the selection of fine wines and
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Colette Uncensored 1_David Allen_Courtesy copy

‘Colette Uncensored’ explores passion at the Marsh

The Marsh’s production of “Colette Uncensored,” directed by David Ford, tells an insightful tale of a young woman’s venture for artistic awareness in the midst of political and social turmoil in the 19th century. Colette (Lorri Holt), a French writer who led a scandalous life while producing famed novels such
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Kithumini Jayasiri/Staff

Madeleine recipe

It’s nearly midnight. You’re sitting at the ASUC Student Union, writing a paper for French R1B. It’s due in just a few hours, yet all you can think about is how you really, really, really want to sink your teeth into a sweet, spongy madeleine. You would much rather actually
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Ratatouille featured

Tough to say, easy to make: ratatouille

Ratatouille is a dish everyone has heard of, probably because it sounds funny when you say it out loud. Rat-ta too-wee. How could you hate something that sounds like that? Despite the prevalence of the word, many haven’t a clue what’s in it, let alone how to make it. Don’t
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A simple but delicious brunch at La Note Provencal

Brunch in Berkeley is one of the best meals a college student can experience, whether it is at the dining commons, the coffee shop down the street or in bed. But sometimes you have to relinquish the convenient pleasures of breakfast in bed in order to get something far better,
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Tristen Missett (left), Margaux Thierry (center) and Sohee Kim-Souron practice their French during Cafe Blue Door’s Language Cafe, a regular Tuesday night event. Participants can offer impromptu lessons, though languages offered vary weekly based on participants’ knowledge.

Language enthusiasts come together at Berkeley cafe

In a Berkeley cafe, bustling on a Tuesday night, two men lingered over a word: bonito. Bonito means baby, one of them suggested. The other one hesitated — not quite. Bonito is beautiful, he explained. Baby is bebé. And if one wants to admire one of these miniature humans: bonito bebé, beautiful baby.
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