UC Berkeley disses

UC Berkeley is a place chock-full of sassy students just waiting for the opportunity to diss one of their peers. Whether it be due to all the stress we are under or just because we are just straight-up salty all the time, we can always find something to diss our
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Kelsi Krandel_online

Chicken wings: A love story


Some encounters in college stay with you forever. These first meetings become pivotal life moments, fixed centers of space and time that deeply change a part of you. Looking back at the freshman-year hallway hangouts that would eventually wander their way over to Crossroads for Late Night, I can pinpoint
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Minal Mehta/File

How to actually stay in shape this semester

“I’ll go to the gym tomorrow, no matter what,” said every UC Berkeley student, probably after stress-eating a bunch of Cheetos, ice cream or boba. It’s our favorite lie we tell ourselves because it makes us feel less guilty about our questionable life choices, and at least we’re setting goals, right?
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5 white lies told at UC Berkeley

Before coming to college, many of us were bombarded with an overwhelming amount of information about the school, whether it was through pep talks or occasional warnings. Here, we at the Clog are going to unmask some of these lies, which were probably told to us with good intentions. 1.
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The unhealthy discourse around weight

Social Double-take

Wanting to improve your physical health and appearance should be rooted in your own intrinsic motivations — diet and exercise to improve the quality of your life, not solely to achieve an outward appearance or because others are saying you should.
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