Writing for the readers

A few years ago, I came across an article to “aspiring authors” that denied the term altogether. The gist of the argument was to cut out the qualifier: You’re either an author, or you’re not. There is no “aspiring,” only writing or not writing. This Yoda-esque concept, an essentially “do
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5 more ways to beat the end-of-summer blues

Winter is coming. Well, not actually winter, but the end of summer break is quickly approaching, with its ominous threat of class looming in the distance. Not to worry — here are some friendly reminders (and some more here!) of why the end of summer and the start of school
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“40 Days of Dating”: are we really just friends?

As the days grow closer to a final summer sunset, maybe you’ve spent this vacation exploring, dating someone new or maybe just staying friends. But can a guy and a girl really just be friends and nothing more? It’s a timeless and popular question that Timothy Goodman and Jessica Walsh
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The faults of living in the Facebook era

Ah, Facebook — that ever-present part of our lives that serves to ensure us that we have access to the constantly updated information of what everyone we know is doing at all times. It’s hard to picture life without Facebook these days — it has become so ingrained in our
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Banking goodwill

Broke in Berkeley

“BART’s going on strike.” I got the news first from Twitter. “Well, we’re screwed,” my roommate said. His boyfriend piped up reassuringly. “We can make it work. We need to make a plan.” My tribe of roommates sat down last week to figure out a strategy. Our apartment is in
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