BART adventures: Fruitvale station

The Fruitvale station BART stop drops you off in the center of a Mexican cultural mecca. Throughout Fruitvale neighborhood you can eat some of the best Mexican food and baked goods in the East Bay, visit historic cultural sites and experience the yearly Cinco de Mayo and Dia de los
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We stand with Ferguson

Michael Brown’s death is not an isolated incident of institutionalized racism run amok; it exists in a continuum of slavery, reconstruction, Jim Crow and the almost ageless stereotype of the violent black man. It exists in an ascendant culture of totalitarian police who were armed by an ever-growing military industrial complex by a country that strives to be always profiting at war. To the people of Ferguson, it exists in a timeline of tension wherein a mostly black town is occupied by an almost all-white police force. To the people of Berkeley, it exists as oppression that cannot be borne if any of us is to feel safe or free.
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