Berkeley students should organize protest against Milo Yiannopoulos

The Berkeley Against Trump coalition, previously known as the Berkeley J20 coalition, invites all solidarity-minded students and other members of the campus community to protest with us against far-right agitator Milo Yiannopoulos on Feb. 1. We will gather at 5 p.m at Sproul and show our unwillingness to allow our campus
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A guide to making friends as a freshman

During the very first week of school, UC Berkeley can be an intimidating place. From the people who jump out at you yelling to sign some random petition to ban Times New Roman font to the 800-person lectures, it’s a unique, eye-opening, strange yet lively place. College will teach you everything — how to get from
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UC Berkeley liberalism: then and now

The average afternoon at the Free Speech Movement Cafe, more commonly known as FSM, is a hubbub of activity. Sunlight filters in through the clear glass doors. Students order coffee and apple clouds, have shouting conversations over the whir of the loud blender and jockey for a free seat when
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Quiz: Where should you study for your midterms?

There are tons of places to study all over campus, but which one is most suitable for you? Sometimes, deciding where to finish your English novel or Computer Science 70 project is tough, and studying in the right environment can significantly increase your work efficiency. If you’re unsure about where
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Capturing UC Berkeley with a selfie stick

Even though it already seems like common knowledge at this point (thanks to a previous article we wrote, of course) that using selfie sticks on campus is a bad idea. But just to really make sure, we put it to test at spots where every UC Berkeley student has been.
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Trek to Brown’s: a California cafe

The other day, I happened to have a short gap in between a class and a meeting at about dinner time. I stumbled upon Brown’s cafe and decided to check out the menu. I was expecting the Golden Bear Cafe-style foods — wraps, pre-made sandwiches, not-so-appealing salads, you know. But I
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