Our beat reporters say what they love

Every semester in The Daily Californian’s arts & entertainment department, we welcome a new batch of beat reporters. While they will spend the semester reporting on a multitude of different projects and exhibits specific to their expertise, they rarely have the opportunity to focus on their topics on a small scale.
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Breaking from tradition

Cal in Color

The family practices I saw on “Full House” and other American TV shows couldn’t apply to my own family because of our drastic cultural differences.
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7 low-key things to do in San Francisco

As adventurous as we Golden Bears are, trekking to San Francisco can sometimes seem daunting. With our hectic weeks and midterm frenzy, weekend hibernation time is essential. Besides, we’ve seen Fisherman’s Wharf, we’ve “aw-ed” at the sea lions, we’ve treated ourselves to free chocolate at Ghirardelli Square and we can
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Ashbury Street House: Used for exterior shots in Disney's sitcom "That's So Raven."

5 famous San Francisco filming locations to visit

“Whatever happened to predictability? The milk man, the paper boy, evening TV?” If you automatically started singing after reading the first four words (from one our favorite sitcoms, “Full House”), then like us at the Daily Clog, you know that TV can be magic. In a short period of time,
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TV Land: A ‘Full House’ of families

I know where Michelle Tanner sleeps. I know where she eats. I even know the strange sea-creature wallpaper she has in her room. And now I definitely know people will think I’m stalking young girls. I’m not, I promise. It’s a well-documented fact that adults are easier to capture due to
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