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Episode #1: The Big Apple

In the very first episode of Popcorn Paperback, you’ll learn more about your hosts, Charlie and Jackson, and why one loves one medium over the other. The duo also discuss texts that were released in New York. The texts discussed in this episode are Renata Adler’s debut novel, “Speedboat”, and
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Super groovy slang to bring back into use

Hype. Sick. Lit. High-key. Low-key. Fire. Trash. Swag. These words make up the influential, intelligent, insanely efficient slang of today. This is the slang of 2017. But what about the slang that was big in 2010, or in 2002, or even in 1997 (we know, that was way too long ago
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Michaela Swensen/Staff

Signs you had an 8 a.m. lecture

Hopefully not all of us have had an 8 a.m. class during our college careers, but if you have, you know the feeling: the struggle of getting up two (to five) hours earlier than your roommates, taking a shower half awake and walking up the literally never-ending Berkeley hills to your
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