Romantic dining hall situations

The dining hall can sometimes be an unexpectedly romantic place. There are countless opportunities for love when you walk into a place like Crossroads, and because we know you probably don’t believe us right now, we’ve outlined five possible romantic interactions you can have in the dining hall. 1. A
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Michaela Swensen/File

An open letter to Evans Hall

Dear Evans Hall, We at the Clog are sorry that you’re a such a massive blemish on the face of UC Berkeley. It must be tough to be the armpit of the number one public university in the world. On the off chance that you’ve forgotten how much you suck,
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Kristine Wong:Staff

Sick pick up lines

The eternal struggle to eat a vegetable combined with this cold weather has us all on the brink of influenza. If you’re anything like the rest of the student body, you’re probably a week away from contracting scurvy and the common cold. And while being sick sucks, being alone sucks even more. Luckily, we
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Forgetting your earbuds: apocalyptic or shameful?

We have all done it. At some point we’ve forgotten the modern day equivalent of the holy grail: our earbuds. In a world where we are always plugged into something, it’s no surprise that this predicament can feel so apocalyptic. Because we attend a school where a walk to campus
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Leave the Campanile alone

UC Berkeley students need to stop being so hard on the Campanile. Every day, they relentlessly pound the poor tower with a steady stream of mean-spirited dick jokes, puns and comments. We at the Clog love the Campanile, (although some of us do prefer to explore the depths of Strawberry
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Horoscope Readings

What to do now that your horoscope has changed

According to extensive research, your horoscope sign may not be what you have been led to believe your whole life. Before you go into a panic, frantically wondering what your personality is going to be like now and how mysterious tomorrow is now that you can’t predict the future, not everyone was affected
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Finding materials for your upcoming Halloween costume

Halloween is undoubtedly one of the most fun and festive times of the year. What’s better than eating candy with friends, going to parties and dressing up? Now that it’s October, it’s time to start thinking about what you want to dress up as for Halloween! Because “Halloweekend” usually consists
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