What type of Birkenstock are you?

Needless to say, Birkenstocks are a gift from the foot gods. If you’re lazy, Birkenstocks are great because you don’t have to fasten any buckles or tie and laces. If you’re walking from the Units to Tolman Hall, Birkenstocks are as comfortable as can be. The one thing we can’t attest for
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Hello from the other side of Sproul Plaza

We’ve all been there — the walk to class, the walk into class and, often the most treacherous, the walk home from class. Despite the fact that we all attend a major public university with just under 40,000 students, it seems almost impossible to stroll to class without encountering at
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How to throw a party

Today, throwing a successful party is as complex and stressful as ever. Luckily, we at the Clog have useful tips and recommendations to guide the modern day party-thrower.
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Quiz: Which weird weather essential are you?

We’ve all been through the struggle of wearing shorts when the high of the day is 50 degrees, committing the faux pas of wearing jeans on the hottest day of the semester or feeling our feet get cold and clammy in flip-flops as the rain pours down mercilessly. With everything on our
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A scientific study of UC Berkeley’s GSIs

The common graduate student instructor, Latin name Eruditorem discipulus, is a moderately large, library-dwelling breed endemic to the campus and surrounding areas of UC Berkeley. Despite its relatively frequent appearance in classrooms and other areas associated with learning and knowledge, the graduate student instructor, or GSI, is still a favorite
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11 things UC Berkeley students are tired of hearing

Oh wow, you go to UC Berkeley. That’s so funny, I actually go to Stanford. NorCal high five! Berkeley? What’d you major in? Computer science? My father left our family to become a professor there. You go to UC Berkeley! It must be so warm there. Have you ever tripped
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What does your succulent say about you?

Who here has seen Disney’s “101 Dalmatians?” Trick question — we know everyone has (we at the Clog have seen it twice). You know that part at the beginning where all the people walk past with their dogs and all the dogs kind of resemble their owners? We’ve noticed a similar
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midterm cover photo

Your meme-fied ode to midterms

As everyone knows, great artists have to suffer great pain to produce some of their greatest works. Thus, because we at the Clog are on our midterms deathbed, we created possibly the best poem of our artistic career. We combined two of our great muses, midterms and memes, to craft
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Wheeler Auditorium(2)

Coincidences when you sit next to someone new

We’ve all been there. You show up later than usual to lecture, and thus face the dilemma of having to sit somewhere other than your go-to spot. Perhaps you’re even forced to sit next to someone new. That’s quite the conundrum indeed. But it isn’t all bad — in fact, you
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Dear Berkeley: How was your semester?

Another semester has come and gone. For some, it may have gone too fast, while others may be glad it’s over. As you wave goodbye to spring 2015, we at the Clog wanted to hear your parting thoughts. We interviewed some of our fellow Golden Bears and asked one simple
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