Television’s new golden age

Breaking down the highlights and snubs from this year’s Emmy Awards

The Emmy Awards, much like their film, theater and music counterparts, are annually greeted with both excited buzz and exhausted indifference.
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Top television shows to binge watch this fall

Tired of watching the same shows you watched all summer? Instead of mindlessly browsing through your standard Netflix titles, we at the Clog have compiled a list of must-watch shows premiering this season to combat show boredom. Grab a bowl of popcorn, snuggle in a blanket and get ready to chill.
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Tunesday: UFO-gazing

When it comes to spending a pleasant night scanning the sky for UFOs, there are no rules to hold you back. There are, however, some important criteria for a good playlist to keep you company on your vigil. UFO-gazing takes lots of patience and enthusiasm — it’s like fishing, but
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American Horror_SuzanneTenner

‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ recap 5×03: ‘Mommy’

The third episode of “American Horror Story” revolves around the ever-important relationship between mother and child, and how it’s not always as idealistic as it is made out to be. This week’s theme explores a different aspect in the “American Horror Story” realm, revealing more vulnerable sides in the characters
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