The world’s most powerful weapon

Tales of Two Cities

I’m sitting in my game theory class. It’s Tuesday. I have all the color-coded midterm questions our GSIs are frantically passing out. The clock hits 8:10, and a hush falls over 105 Stanley. Twenty minutes into the midterm, an alarm goes off, and white lights start flashing on each side
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Despite crisis, our democracy stands strong

Between Two Ponds

As articles fly round and round proclaiming the disaster of the U.S. government, we need to make one thing clear: Yes, the government may have shut down, but our democratic system is not broken. This isn’t the first time, nor will it probably be the last, that the experiment of
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The overconfident pay-off for the costs

I was in Beijing sipping a three-yuan beer and playing poker with collegians I had recently met. There weren’t any poker chips so we took rocks from the hotel ashtray. I felt like Jenny from the Block looking at all the rocks that I got. I was coming off a
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