Game Day hacks

We at the Clog can’t wait for yet another Game Day (this time a night game!), and we wanted to make sure that you’re more than ready to enjoy the festivities. Here’s a list of Game Day hacks that’ll leave you to celebrate without any worries. Keys If you’ve ever been the
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Style guide for the Cal-Texas game

With the first football game on home ground coming up this Saturday between Texas and Cal, there’s been quite the frenzy and excitement in the atmosphere this week. Although we’re pumped to see the game in action, there is the question of how the oddly fluctuating weather will influence our
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Quiz: Where will you end up this gameday?

As the first gameday approaches, so does the uncertainty of where you will end up by gameday night. Whether you’re the type of gamedayer that actually goes to the football game, or the type that lives at Top Dog for the whole day, we here at the Clog thought of
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Why we’re bummed we missed out on bago this year

Don’t you just love the smell of stale beer in the morning? Love seeing campers with the words “Your daughter is in here” plastered on the side? Love driving six hours to SoCal in a winnebago full of frat stars, making that traditional stop at In-N-Out? If you answered “yes”
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