Live Blog: Cal vs. Washington

Follow along as Daily Cal football beat writers Connor Byrne, Jonathan Kuperberg and Michael Rosen give play-by-play and analysis of Cal’s game against Washington, better known as the return of reviled defensive line coach Tosh Lupoi. How will the absence of Keenan Allen affect the Bears? Will O-lineman brothers Jordan
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Players to watch: Chris Harper, Shaq Thompson

Chris Harper, Cal receiver Who needs Keenan Allen? With Allen scratched from the game due to an injured knee, the future of Cal’s receiving corps will be on full display against Washington. Four freshman receivers and a sophomore tight end will try their best to fill the void the Bears’
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Live Blog: Cal football vs. Arizona State

Follow along as Daily Cal football beat writers Connor Byrne, Jonathan Kuperberg and Michael Rosen and The Lombardo Trophy (sports columnist Jordan Bach-Lombardo) give play-by-play and analysis of the Cal-Arizona State game live from Memorial Stadium. Will the Bears shake off their 1-3 start? How many carries will Brendan Bigelow
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Lose yourself: Deandre Coleman is holding out hope for a win

Losing nearly every game in high school turned Deandre Coleman into a headstrong football player.

Deandre Coleman is two minutes into a description of his high school, and he’s already used the word frustrating five times. Not that he didn’t enjoy high school. The future Cal defensive end loved playing ball with his friends in Seattle. It’s just that his neighborhood high school didn’t win
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Players to watch: Brendan Bigelow, Chris Coyle

Brendan Bigelow, Cal running back Brendan Bigelow is going to touch the ball against Arizona State, it’s just a question of how many times. The sophomore had an electrifying performance against Ohio State (two touchdowns and 160 yards on four rushes). Bigelow was supposed to be the future, but he
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Wake me up when September ends

Just this year, just this once, September should have 28 days. It would be so much more simple if Saturday was the first of October and not the 29th of September. Because September has not gone so well for the Cal football team. The Bears opened the season — and
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Criminal treatment on football game days

Innocent students are subject to harsh random alcohol testing

My name is Andy Furillo, and I am a 21-year-old senior here at Berkeley. I have been an avid Cal football fan since I was a toddler and have been a student season ticket holder every year I have been at Berkeley. As I prefer to remember and analyze the
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Carry that weight: Darius Powe’s rebirth

Darius Powe is no stranger to setback. A personal tragedy is his constant source of motivation.

Darius Powe’s grandmother, Mary, used to go to every one of his Pop Warner football games. Since the first day he stepped onto the field, decked out in oversized pads, Mary was a constant fixture. Her presence was his motivation, his drive. He wanted to impress the woman who loved
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