How to throw election night parties

While we at the Clog are not usually proponents of exclusion, we recommend that you only invite friends who share the same political opinions as you to your election night party in order to keep the peace. If you want your party to be #lit, you should definitely have started planning well before this moment in time, in which you’re reading this.
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Mind games to play at a party

We’ve all been there. Your friends finally convince you after a long day to go out, you get to the party and you’re overwhelmingly disappointed. You have to be in a very specific state to actually enjoy a party, and even when your enjoying it for some time, you hit a slump
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Games guaranteed to keep you awake during class

As you’re finally settling into your classes and the first-month adrenaline dies away, your body requires more and more energy for you to be attentive in lectures. You are no longer worried about taking good notes and following the fast-paced slides, because you’ve already given up on paying attention altogether due to your
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On quitting mobile addictions

Remember “Minesweeper,” the old puzzle game that shipped with every Microsoft computer? Last year, I downloaded it on my phone in a fit of boredom and was immediately obsessed with it. I played it so often that the image of the game would rudely intrude in my head while I
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