LGBT, feminist perspectives on video games at GaymerX conference

Hayley Williams/Staff

Everybody games There are a lot of preconceived stereotypes about gamer culture. Gamers are either geeky, anti-social, skinny teenage boys, or beefed-up, unnecessarily aggressive frat brothers. That’s not actually true. The actual gaming community is more like a diverse landscape of intersectional subcultures. GaymerX, a queer gaming conference that was held
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The other sexism in gaming

Queer gamers seek to create safer gaming spaces in wake of cissexist comments

In survival video games, there’s always a home base — a place to store your loot, heal your wounds and save your progress before venturing out into the darkness again. It’s somewhere to go, and it’s somewhere to be. It’s safe. Surviving in the gaming community isn’t as easy. Gaming
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