Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom speaks at UC Berkeley

Gavin Newsom, lieutenant governor of California, spoke at UC Berkeley’s Wheeler Hall for a political science class Wednesday. Newsom is the 49th lieutenant governor and former mayor of San Francisco — at the time, the city’s youngest mayor in more than a century. In February, he formed a committee to run for
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UC Board of Regents committee approves $27 billion UC budget

A committee of the UC Board of Regents approved the university’s almost $27 billion budget for the 2015-16 academic year during its meeting at UCSF Wednesday. The budget, which includes a $459 million increase in proposed revenue and expenditures, incorporates additional funds from the state government and a proposed fee increase. The plan proposes the university spend about one quarter of those funds on mandatory cost increases, with the rest invested in academic quality, enrollment growth and high-priority costs such as deferred maintenance.
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Finding solutions for affordable education

If you are a student at UC Berkeley, you are part of the solution right now. The data is clear: We need to send more economically disadvantaged and middle-class students to college so they can learn the skills and earn the degrees necessary to keep up with our rapidly changing economy.
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Election 2014 Endorsements: State and national candidates

Jerry Brown California Governor For California’s next governor, incumbent Jerry Brown should continue at the helm of the state. Though at time Brown has a tense relationship with the University of California, we feel that in comparison to his competitor, Republican candidate Neel Kashkari, Brown is more qualified and better
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