Looking into Rumsfeld’s ‘knowns’ in new documentary

Though the “The Unknown Known” tries to compose a meaningful portrait of former U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld through an interview between him and director Errol Morris, the documentary unfolds at Rumsfeld’s leisure. In the film, Rumsfeld claims to be a simple and virtuous man whose amazing career merely
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Everyone should be like Kanye

Cultural Cadence

I am tired of hearing the same old stories about Kanye West. A recent TMZ headline reads “Kanye West Goes Nuts Again On Paparazzi.” Again? It’s common, it’s expected, it’s laughable. But more than that, these headlines are narrow-minded and ridiculous. Once the clichéd notions of him being an egotistical
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We must think before we strike

The threshold for military action that violates international law should be high indeed and must at a minimum be actually capable of helping Syrian citizens who are victims of civil war.
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