Quiz: What does your favorite font say about you?

As seasoned writers and experts on the latest in the online world (at least we’d like to think so), we at the Clog have acquired a particular skill that we’d like to put to the test: knowing everything about you based solely on your font of choice. We can’t guarantee
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Weekender Picks

I personally can’t remember life before Radiolab, an inspiring podcast that poses questions, answers questions and makes life a little more curious and a lot more interesting. Listen to the most recent episode, Juicervose, or my personal favorite, Poop Train. And while you gaze off with a new view on
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A Southern new year

One of the things that allowed me to stay sane during finals week was the knowledge that I would be going back home to Georgia over winter break. Thoughts of Southern comfort food, real sweet tea, and reunions with high school friends kept me from weeping over my piles of
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Red all about it

MEDIA MATTERS: Independent student journalism is an indispensable endeavor, from the Daily Cal in 1971 to Georgia’s The Red & Black today.

On May 11, 1971, The Daily Californian published an editorial encouraging readers to “Take Back (People’s) Park.” The controversial editorial divided the public, the staff and the editorial board itself — so much so that, the Daily Cal’s Publisher’s Board fired the three editors in favor of the editorial.Shortly after, the Daily Cal staff published an editorial refusing to accept the firings and became editorially and financially independent. The rest is history.
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Junior Carlos Cueto leads the Bears as they begin the ITA Team Indoor Championships.

Cal to face Bulldogs in ITA Indoors

Despite having not played for over a week, the Cal men’s tennis team is fully prepared to play in this weekend’s ITA National Men’s Team Indoor Championships. The last time the Bears played was in a 6-1 victory on Feb. 8 against Sacramento State. They had a game scheduled for
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