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Ways to reject Facebook invites

We’ve all spent our fair share of time scrolling through Facebook and experiencing all the ways in which people can be a tad irritating. Let’s be real, we often “like” posts while simultaneously wishing we could ‘dislike’ other posts. For a while, a particularly annoying Facebook trend was ‘poking’ people. Now
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Photo Essay: Berkeley in three dimensions

Stereoscopic images, also known as Wigglegrams, are moving images that create a 3-D effect. Each of the following images were shot with two cameras placed side by side, triggered simultaneously to capture the left and right side of each scene. With multiple vantage points played on a loop, the images
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Berkeley in Moving Pictures

Take a look at Berkeley in a way you have never seen it before! Cinemagraphs are by no means anything new, but nonetheless, they will never quite lose the touch of magic that is embedded into their creation. Although these works of art are in a GIF format, there is
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5 ways we are all Katy Perry’s left shark

‘Twas the .GIF seen round the world after Sunday’s superbowl. ICYMI, Katy Perry danced with two people in shark costumes — as all pop stars do at one time or another — except that the left shark just couldn’t seem to get it together. KayPay’s left shark, or, as we like
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Our reaction to this hot weather as told through GIFs

You don’t need a weather report to tell that, all of a sudden, it has gotten HOT. (Although actually, it’s about the same temperature as this time last year.) After weeks of rain and gloom, we were definitely ready for some sunshine — despite being pretty unprepared for it. When we
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