Gilmore Girls

Rory Gilmore was a sham

After my first year of college, I snickered at the nice little bow wrapped around the pristine Rory Gilmore. She was a lie. I was blinded by her sheen, her crystal-like stature that made her so much more than human. She was perfect in every sense. Top of the class,
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San Francisco

Broke and bored in Berkeley

Being a poor college student can be a struggle in the Bay Area. After Friday classes are done, your heart tells you to go and explore — have fun! Then, you look into your wallet. The hollow hole where money should reside tells you that this will be another weekend
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Beauty, a bit on the nose

Cutting Room Floor

When I was 11, I would’ve sold my soul for a nose job. There isn’t anything particularly hideous about my nose. Its bridge rises higher than most Asian noses, forming a little bump before declining into a bulbous, downward-sloping tip. Its round shape even allows me to move the cartilage
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I am a Gilmore, hear me roar

In the summer of 2005, I was looking for heroes. I was a nerdy kid with red glasses and plaid skirts who loved to read and listen to music everyone else thought was a little weird. With uneven bangs to hide the tiny shell mounds of acne congregating on my
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