GoldLink’s style grows predictable on latest album

GoldLink has run into a creative hurdle. Since his debut mixtape of 2014, the rapper from Washington, D.C., has ridden a sudden wave of critical attention for his dazzling fusion of hip-hop and electronica, which he calls “future bounce.” With the recent drop of his first full-length album, And After
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10 Bay Area Artists You Should Be Listening To

1. IamSu! Richmond Hip-Hop Since founding The (Heartbreak) HBK Gang in 2011, IamSu! has slowly been making waves in the hip-hop community. He received radio time being featured on tracks such as Sage the Gemini’s “Gas Pedal” and E-40’s “Function.” After releasing his debut album Sincerely Yours in May 2014,
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Tunesday: Blue Suits & Blue Meth

This is right around the time of year in 2012 that PSY’s massive hit “Gangnam Style” broke the Guinness world record for most liked video on Youtube, surpassing “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO.  I’ll admit I don’t listen to much Korean music, particularly K-Pop despite my Korean-American heritage. On the
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SUPERB Fall 2013 Lineup

Thanks to the Student Union Program, Entertainment, and Recreation Board, better known as SUPERB, UC Berkeley is never short on entertainment. This fall, SUPERB is rolling out another stellar lineup, bringing the best, baddest bands and musical artists straight to campus and all for free. The Daily Californian is excited
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