Dancing in the rain: Treasure Island Music Festival 2016

Last weekend wasn’t exactly smooth sailing for Treasure Island Music Festival, its 10th anniversary and last year on the island. Instead of Coachella couture-style bralettes and sunhats, the best-dressed were adorned in flower crowns over ponchos and mud-soaked Wellies. Those who braved an outdoor musical festival during the first rainy
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Tunesday: Frosty synthpop

Now that the holidays are over, winter has settled in. Without the canned cheer of Christmas songs to keep you warm, you might be feeling a little icy. These songs certainly won’t fill your heart with warmth and joy, but they might commiserate with the lonely, frosty feeling you get
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In concert, Glass Animals’ appeal seems crystal clear

Nothing is quite as refreshing as originality in music, and alternative group Glass Animals has discovered its niche originality both in the studio and on stage. The Oxford-based neo-psychedelic quartet graced the Fox Theatre in Oakland on Saturday night with a hazy and intimate performance to begin its 2015 world
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