Read Rosemarie: No joy for ‘Glee’ finale

The reason I have never had a boyfriend is because I spent the last six years of my life mentally, physically and emotionally committed to “Glee,” and watching that damn show takes just as much time, effort and selfless sacrifice as a full-blown relationship. It is the only thing in
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Lea Michele gets “Louder” on debut album

Lea Michele has a voice that could sing just about any musical genre, but if you had to slot her into one, it would be Broadway. Her wide range and precise musical training make her perfect for the stage, not for belting pop ballads. Michele’s debut album, Louder, is a
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“Love Love Love” me some “Glee”

Gleeks unite, the widely anticipated return of the fifth season of Fox’s hit musical series Glee is in sight. And get this — not only has the musical melodrama returned but it has been confirmed that Glee will be picked up for a sixth season as well. Season four left
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Out of sight, out of mind

What is the most underrepresented minority group on television today? They make up one-fifth of Americans, and more likely than not, you probably didn’t even think of them — people with disabilities (PWDs).
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Jane Lynch talks ‘Hollywood Game Night’

'Glee' star brings her hosting skills to new star-studded NBC game show

Given the scope of reality TV subject matter, it was only a matter of time before celebrities stunned us with their recreational activities. No, not Keeping up with Kim and Kanye’s Konception. I’m talking about the new game show series “Hollywood Game Night.” The show is based on the real-life
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TV Land: Broadway or bust

You’ll have to excuse my writing partner, Sir Lester Butterfill XXIX, for the time being. He’s been called away on business of a most secure and delicate nature. The only facts I could glean regarding it were the words “apocalypse” and “Bono’s sunglasses are missing.” It sounds pretty serious. But
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