Neil McClintick

Transferring out

Community-less College

A shout out during convocation for transfers is not enough to mitigate these feelings of exclusion. The UC Berkeley community, with its rigorous academics, can and should undergo a paradigm shift in how it receives transfer students. This starts at an interpersonal level with each of y’all.
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Style guide for the Cal-Texas game

With the first football game on home ground coming up this Saturday between Texas and Cal, there’s been quite the frenzy and excitement in the atmosphere this week. Although we’re pumped to see the game in action, there is the question of how the oddly fluctuating weather will influence our
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Quiz: Where will you end up this gameday?

As the first gameday approaches, so does the uncertainty of where you will end up by gameday night. Whether you’re the type of gamedayer that actually goes to the football game, or the type that lives at Top Dog for the whole day, we here at the Clog thought of
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Chris Hewitt/Staff

What you missed at the Cal Day concert

For those of you who made it out to the Cal Day concert on Memorial Glade on Saturday, you most likely didn’t recognize either of the bands playing. There was the opening band, Sister Crayon, who threw it down hard for all the families and babies and dogs who made
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