On being busy

For all of UC Berkeley’s diversity and heterogeneity among its students, one thing remains constant — people are always busy. Since constant activity is lauded, we seem to find some sort of sick pride in doing things merely for the sake of doing them. This way of thinking and its invasion into one’s psyche can really mess with a person.
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Semester goals you can actually keep

As a new semester stretches out before us all, we find ourselves pumped for new experiences. We’ve all made semester goal lists that include impossible tasks like reading every page of our textbooks or going to every class. But like our promises to ourselves to exercise every day and say
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September is self-improvement month

September is national self-improvement month, which means it’s the perfect time to actually start carrying out the goals that you set for this semester. We at the Clog decided to ask fellow UC Berkeley students about their plans for self-improvement this month, and hopefully they can inspire us all to
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5 steps for fighting summer-lust procrastination

We know — summer is almost here. Only three more weeks of classes, dead week, finals and then summer! Glorious, perfect, lovable summer is, quite frankly, our favorite time of the year for all the obvious and stereotypical reasons. And it is so close that we can feel it. Summer
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