‘Nobody should have to deal with these conditions:’ Union workers continue 2nd day of 3-day strike

A group of 50 organizers started protesting about 10 a.m. on the corner of Bancroft Way and Telegraph Avenue, swelling to a crowd of 150 people about 1 p.m. AFCSME Local 3299 was joined by University Professional and Technical Employees, CWA 9119, UC’s union of technical and professional employees in the UC system, and University Council-American Federation of Teachers, or UC-AFT, the union for UC librarians.
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If ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ characters went to UC Berkeley

With the whirlwind of emotions we went through with “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”’s cancellation-to-rescue saga, Fox and NBC reminded us how much we really love all of the show’s eccentric, funny and witty characters. While the show can look like a simple cop comedy, a deeper look reveals that it effectively tackles important issues
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In harrowing times, students can turn to each other for support

CAMPUS ISSUES: Sessions is simply wrong to dismiss the importance of counseling at a time in which college students encounter raw, targeted and blatant racism on a regular basis.

There’s been one major silver lining in the last week. In the face of unprecedented harassment, fear and discomfort, students have rallied around each other.
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