Quiz: How did that interview just go?

Ah, yes. Smell that? It’s the sweet, sweet smell of summer internship applications — and tears. Look around and you’ll find several sad UC Berkeley students producing various tweaked forms of their résumés, writing thousands of versions of the same old boring cover letters and spending every waking moment of
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Banishing Buzzwords

The other day, I found myself at an information session for Ernst and Young, a “professional services” firm. Walking in, I had no idea what that meant. An hour and a half later, I still didn’t. Somewhere between “enterprise intelligence” and “risk appetite,” I realized that the presenter’s words were
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A Facebook recruiter is surrounded by UC Berkeley students eager to join the tech industry primarily clustered around Silicon Valley.

Breeding the tech elite

In a time of growing uneasiness between local residents and tech employees within the Bay Area, UC Berkeley students are increasingly drawn to the riches of Silicon Valley

Earlier this week, I found myself at a Facebook recruitment meeting in Dwinelle Hall, filing into a lecture hall with other undergraduates gathered eagerly at the prospect of working for one of the Silicon Valley’s most lucrative companies. As tech hopefuls lined up, resumes in hand, to talk with recruiters,
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Doubts arise about UC investment in gun manufacturer

Despite UC demands that Cerberus Capital Management sell a firearms manufacturer associated with the Newtown, Conn. shootings, complications in the sale have prompted the possibility that the university may withdraw significant investments from the firm.
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The Electoral College: A sign of deeper problems in American democracy

The Critic Who Counts

Something about Vice President Joe Biden’s snarky smirks in his debate against Paul Ryan tells me he wouldn’t work too well with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. And something about Mitt Romney’s twist of the hokey and the debonair tells me he wouldn’t appreciate Biden’s quaint quirkiness. There’s been more
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