When naughty is nice

Sex on Tuesday


I think the best gifts are things you know the recipient will love but that they would never go out and buy for themselves. For a lot of people, sex toys fit the bill.
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Out for Sushi

Sex on Tuesday

My partner always insists on a helping of raw oyster shooters when we go out for sushi. He’s convinced that the sea creatures are the be-all and end-all of aphrodisiacs. I find it terribly funny, but I’ll admit he’s good to go by the time we get home. Is my lover just a seafood junkie, or do aphrodisiacs really work?
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Hard and Soft Final Image

Shorts Episode #5: Good Vibes

Hard and Soft

Hard and Soft goes on a journey to get one of our producers a pleasure pole, a joy stick, a crotch rocket — a good ol’ vibrator. Enjoy the ride! Thank you for your support for Hard and Soft! Every like, follow, and subscription means the world to us. If
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Erotica reading cuts straight to the climax

The dildo store smells like hot rubber and looks like a candy counter. Everything is colorful and slick, shining under the lights. Vaguely suggestive dance music plays overhead: “Do you right, yeah / All night, yeah.” Nervous women, always in groups, cluster around the displays, whispering. “I heard they have
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Twirl the pearl, tug the slug

Health and Happiness

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of masturbation is the classic “American Pie”-esque movie scene in which a high-schooler furiously strokes away, wide-eyed in front of a computer screen, beside a trash can filled to the brim with sticky, crinkled tissues, only to be disturbed mid-ejaculation
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Do vibrators behold the future of sex?

Sex on Blogday

This past Tuesday, I attended a party at the Berkeley location of Good Vibrations, a Bay Area-based sex shop filled with classy and delicate goodies. The event was co-sponsored by the Berkeley Free Clinic, a sexual nonprofit health care center. I had a blast playing dildo ring toss, listening to
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Joani Blank, founder of Good Vibrations

Interview with Joani Blank, founder of Good Vibrations

Watch a video interview with the founder of the sex toy shop Good Vibrations. Joani Blank, who opened the first location in San Francisco 1977, advertised the store as sex-positive and women-oriented. Click here to read more about the history of Good Vibrations and how the chain is doing today.