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Presidential debate drinking game

Why, today is the day of the first of three presidential debates, and anyone who’s anyone will be gathered around some sort of screen to watch the action. If you play the game right, you’ll stay on top of the debate and won’t be drinking too much.
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Southwest protests are needed

Semper Feuilleton

As the presumptive GOP candidate moved across the Southwest during the last few weeks and protests broke into violence from Albuquerque, New Mexico, to San Diego, California, I was reminded of the words Walt Whitman wrote in 1883 in a letter commemorating the 333rd anniversary of the founding of Santa
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Another Democratic debate drinking game

With election season well underway,  it’s about time we really started paying attention to the two people who’ve got a shot against Donald Trump. The next democratic debate is set to air on CNN, Univision and Fusion at 9 p.m. EST today, and things are looking to get pretty intense
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Potential UC Berkeley presidential candidates

With so many people hopping into the Republican primaries, we at the Clog have decided to take a look at possible presidential candidates from within the UC Berkeley community. UC Berkeley, being the renowned school that it is, is naturally endowed with plenty of political action makers. Although it’s not an exhaustive
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GOP debate drinking game

On Thursday, in a highly anticipated debate dually hosted by Fox News and Facebook, Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Chris Christie and John Kasich will be going head to head. Fox News determined these to be the top 10 GOP candidates through several
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Our system isn’t broken, it’s dead

Two Steps Forward

Rather than rolling our eyes at the Tea Party, we should take a cue from them. For too long, we have been bound by classical party strictures, shoving ourselves into limited and gridlocked groups that function only for the interests of their pockets and pride. As misguided as the new far right may be, by threatening to break away from the GOP, they’re on the cusp of being far more progressive than any socialists. Rather than forcing ourselves into the too-small boundaries of the parties that exist, young people today should search for options that fit their ideas.
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GOP gubernatorial candidate proposes higher education facelift

A trailing California gubernatorial candidate released an extensive plan to overhaul the state’s education system Tuesday, proposing a major expansion of online course offerings and free tuition for students in math and science degree programs statewide, among other initiatives.
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A grim future for Congressional Republicans

We’re in uncharted territory. The 16-day government shutdown that cost the economy billions of dollars and brought the country to the edge of default is behind us, and now it’s time to take stock of its political impact. At this point, it seems the debacle brought up more questions than
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Speaker Boehner’s future and the failing Republicans

Like all good soap operas, our recent shutdown fiasco did not fail to entertain. While it made some of us cry, some of us laugh and some of us pull out our hair, the surreal circus atmosphere of Washington has some important insights into the future of House Speaker John
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