Pharmacy spacing is logical

On Tuesday, Berkeley City Council unanimously approved an ordinance to require a buffer zone of 1,000 feet between any two pharmacies of more than 5,000 sq. ft. This undertaking is likely intended to preserve the character and appearance of the city, while also curbing the effect of the proliferation of
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Thumb Wars: The Great Divide

Is Northside or Southside a better place to live in?

Team Northside The immediate response for many people when faced with Northside as a living option is that it’s too far from everything else, i.e. Southside. I’ll admit that was my original stance. But after living in the nether region north of campus for the past nine months, I’ve come
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Spice of Life Festival to kick off Saturday

Berkeley residents can sizzle, shake and stir it up Saturday at the ninth annual Spice of Life Festival in North Berkeley. The festival — put on by non-profit North Shattuck Association — will kick off Saturday in the Gourmet Ghetto at Vine Street and Shattuck Avenue, where visitors can participate
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The Local Butcher Shop, Berkeley's newest sustainable butcher shop, opened its doors last week. The owners aim to keep the butchery process transparent for customers.

Former Chez Panisse chef opens sustainable butcher shop in Berkeley

By using meat from sustainable ranches and keeping the butchery process transparent for customers, a former Chez Panisse chef and his wife are aiming to change the experience of buying and eating meat with their newly opened Berkeley butchery, The Local Butcher Shop. The owners — couple Monica and Aaron
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