Winter break habits to abandon

Although the month-long vacation was much needed and well-deserved, many of us have acquired some new habits. At the Clog, we feel we have a responsibility to point out some of these habits to ensure you’re set up for success from the start.
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Breadth or death

Breadth courses have an active role in every UC Berkeley student’s life. Whether you’re one of the chosen few who only have a five-course requirement or a mere mortal who engages with the other plebeians in the seven-course quest, nearly every semester each and everyone of us is given the chance to
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free and for sale

Things to sell on the Free and For Sale Facebook page

We’ve all scrolled through UC Berkeley’s “Free & For Sale” page on Facebook looking for interesting items that others have decided to move on from. Usually though, all you see are broken desk chairs, shoes that would have fit you in the fifth grade and overpriced iClickers. While these are disappointing
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Affirmative Action Panel

Lies college professors tell us

Graduating high school to land us in college doesn’t mean that all our teachers now will treat us like adults who know better in life. College is only an extension of high school in which students continue to decipher and read in between the lines of what their college professors
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What we tell ourselves before every semester

The start of the fall semester is slowly approaching. And regardless of which year you’re in, new beginnings inevitably come with promises or goals we make to follow through with the rest of the semester. Every UC Berkeley student has had some, if not all, of these idealistic thoughts that flit into their head at some point or another.
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The 5 stages of RRR week

The five stages of grief were originally designed to explain the very difficult emotional journey an individual undertakes when a loved one dies. But, we at the Clog know that Berkeley students are experiencing a different sort of death this week. RRR week heralds in the death of our dreams, our
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Kelsi Krandel_online

It’s all Greek to you


It has happened so many times that it feels like a single, repeated memory. I’ll be walking back from discussion or dance practice with a new classmate or teammate also heading east up Channing Way. As we reach an intersection, I stop her from turning down the street without me.
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Bingo to evaluate your break

Because you now have all the time in the world to play board games, we at the Clog have created a casual bingo game for those days when Sorry! and Facebook stalking just don’t occupy your time sufficiently. Also, why not get another perspective on how your break is actually going?
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