UC Berkeley survival guide: what no one prepares you for

It’s the season of CalSO and Summer Bridge, so the campus is abound with starry-eyed barely-legals wondering what to expect within the chaotic Greco-modern concrete-jungle that is our campus. Will the parties be as lit as those in “Blue Mountain State?” Will you meet your future spouse? Will you fail
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What UC Berkeley students need

Before heading off to college, you probably Googled something along the lines of “what do I need to bring to college?” As helpful as the suggestions for a desk lamp or even an electric blanket might be, we at the Clog feel that us Berkeley students need a couple of other things that the lists don’t often mention.
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haas grade curves 001

The truth about UC Berkeley’s ‘grade deflation’

It was admissions day. All across the country, hopeful high schoolers were receiving letters about college decisions, and some of them were destined for UC Berkeley. We smiled at the prospect of these baby Bears joining one of the best campuses in the world. They have four amazing years of learning ahead of
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