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If Beyoncé attended Berkeley

It’d be beyond our wildest dreams if Queen B ever graced our campus with her majestic presence, and while we at the Clog never say never, we’ve realized we might have to stick to daydreaming on this one. However, our imaginations got us thinking, and we wondered exactly what Beyoncé’s
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How to quickly raise your participation grade

It’s the last week of classes, and your last worry before dead week is your participation grade. Whether you were too shy to ask questions or too absent to have any, a bad participation mark is now an existing threat to your final grade. But, it’s not too late. We at the
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You are more than any number

Each and every one of you is worth so much more than any number, be it a test score or your GPA. No, you are not a 3.0 or an 89 percent. Perhaps it’s a well-known fact deep down inside, but sometimes a gentle reminder is all that it needs to resurface. Question your
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