Student workers deserve more complete picture of union benefits

As current and former Graduate Student Researchers (GSRs) at UC Berkeley, we are replying to a recent campuswide email from the UC administration regarding GSR unionization. Sent by Graduate Division Dean Fiona Doyle on Oct. 23, with the subject “Message Regarding Union Representation for Graduate Student Researchers,” the message responded
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Dear Berkeley: How was your semester?

Another semester has come and gone. For some, it may have gone too fast, while others may be glad it’s over. As you wave goodbye to spring 2015, we at the Clog wanted to hear your parting thoughts. We interviewed some of our fellow Golden Bears and asked one simple
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This is your brain on youth culture

Safe, Sane and Consensual

A gray-brown Taiwanese macaque screeched. Then a human. I turned to see a monkey loping after a student who stabbed backward through the air with her red polka-dot umbrella. She hugged a plastic bag of food to her chest like she was holding an infant. Finally, the macaque retreated. Welcome
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Feeling fine about making do with less

I lived in a walk-in closet in San Francisco. Not in a metaphorical sense, but in the literal one — my room was a converted walk-in closet. I lived in a closet because my roommates and I had jobs in the city, but none of us were making enough to
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Cal alum attends Veteran’s Day Parade

World War II Veteran, David C. Gan joins the Cal Veteran’s group for his first Veteran’s Day Parade in San Francisco. Gan graduated from UC Berkeley in 1956 with a degree in Public Health. Prior to Cal, Gan was an infantryman in the US Army serving in Germany from 1943
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